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Sell Your Business

Thinking of selling your company? Preparing your company for future sale?

  • Sales from £1m to £10m
  • Track record of profit generation
  • Good market position
  • Multiple sectors considered
  • Discrete and confidential process
  • Value creation opportunity for founders & owner-managers

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Why partner with Blueray Capital?

  • Partnerships and funding lines with over 150 banks, funds and institutions, many of whom are not available directly to borrowers
  • Reduced time and increased chance of success
  • Lender preference to deal with intermediaries with whom they already have a relationship

Sell Your Business FAQs

An overview of the business & management team, historical and current year financial information, unique selling points / competitive advantages, rationale for the sale

The overall process is likely to be 3-6 months but indications of interest should be received within a few weeks of approaching potential buyers.

Purchase price will be a factor of growth, profitability, size, sector, competitive strength and buyer fit.

Typically a modest retainer is paid at the outset and a fee, based on a percentage of total consideration, paid at completion.

We are able to work with business owners across sectors throughout mainland UK.

If you have any further questions please let us know.