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Bridging Finance Market

The UK bridging finance market is a large and competitive segment of the UK property sector with over 50 lenders providing a variety of residential bridging loans, fast bridging loans and commercial bridging finance products. There was a time when a bridging loan was seen as a last-resort funding solution but bridging finance has evolved into a mainstream, interim lending solution, used by companies and individuals, secured on a property for an agreed term.

Unregulated Bridging

Blueray Capital is a bridging loan broker providing whole of market access to its clients looking for unregulated bridging finance. An unregulated bridging loan does not involve the personal dwelling of the borrower, or an immediate family member. It is a larger market than regulated bridging which would be secured against a property that is currently occupied, or will imminently be occupied, by either the borrower or an immediate family member. The term “regulated” refers to the oversight of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which offers additional protection to consumers relating to information and advice from the lender or finance broker before the loan is completed

As a leading bridging finance broker operating across London, Bristol, West Midlands, Manchester and Leeds but also other parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Blueray Capital is FCA regulated and so required to demonstrate that clients receive professional service and appropriate advice. Unregulated bridging finance lenders are highly professional firms with robust processes to ensure that the right product is offered, repayment terms are affordable, and the property security is suitable.

Lender Criteria

Bridging finance is available as a short-term funding mechanism for many uses: auction bridging, BTL purchase, equity release, refurbishment bridging loan, re-finance, bridging loan for property development exit, commercial bridging finance and to finance a chain-break or BTL mortgage finance delay.

Bridging finance solutions are available on residential, commercial and semi-commercial properties. Property bridging loan amounts are from £250,000 to £25,000,000 with short-term bridging loans from 3 months to 3 years. For some lenders the borrower will need to be a UK resident, however, many of our lending partners offer property bridging to corporate entities, foreign nationals & bona-fide international structures

A key element to bridging loan finance is the property being provided as security. Lenders have criteria around property type, location and value and offer loan to value (LTV) from 50% to 80%. Terms vary for residential, commercial and land with planning and better rates are offered with lower LTVs. Quick bridging loans are available in days but normal timescales for large bridging loans are in 2-3 weeks from accepted indicative offer.

While lenders prefer borrowers to have property experience, they are looking mainly for the adequacy of the property itself and a robust exit plan. Drawdown is subject to satisfactory valuation report, identity checks (KYC) and completed legal documentation.

To find out more about bridging finance and how to optimise your chance of a successful bridging loan application, please review the Blueray Capital Bridging Finance Guide.

As a trusted bridging finance broker we provide potential borrowers with rapid access to the complete property bridging market at no additional cost.

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