Working capital and unsecured loans for growth and development

Unsecured loans for established UK companies

Short term, unsecured finance £50k to £500k

  • UK Companies, trading 2+ years
  • Unsecured with Director PG
  • Competitive rates
  • Growth & expansion
  • Cashflow boost
  • Acquire new assets
  • Refurbish premises

Achieve your business goals.

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Why partner with Blueray Capital?

  • Partnerships and funding lines with over 150 banks, funds and institutions, many of whom are not available directly to borrowers
  • Reduced time and increased chance of success
  • Lender preference to deal with intermediaries with whom they already have a relationship

Working Capital/Unsecured Finance FAQs

Business overview, historical and current year financial information, 3-6 months bank statements and details of Director home ownership.

Indicative offers can be secured quickly with pay-outs within a week.

Terms vary from single figure to high teens APR % depending on applicant status and financial stability. Repayments are monthly capital + interest. There is usually a small arrangement fee, based on a % of the loan amount.

Some funders only provide unsecured lending solutions in England, some in England and Wales and some across the UK.

Funds can be used for multiple purposes such as to fund a new, large order, purchase equipment, recruit new staff, refurbish an office etc.

Some lenders require a minimum term, such as 6 or 12 months, after which early repayment can be made at no cost.

Usually it’s a requirement and only possible for UK-resident Directors who are home-owners with adequate equity. There are some lenders who do not require PGs, but they will only lend to well-established, profitable businesses.

We act for clients in an exclusive and contingent manner. We are remunerated by the eventual funding provider.

If you have any further questions please let us know.